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TotalCAE Private Cloud Turn-Key HPC Cluster Appliance and Application Management In Your Datacenter

Managed HPC Cluster for On Premise Simulation as a Service.

TotalCAE Private Cloud for FEA/CFD is a turn-key, fully managed HPC  Simulation as a Service cluster appliance for engineering applications on a dedicated cluster that lives in your data center. TotalCAE manages your engineering IT resources to help you make your engineering team more productive by relieving the IT burden.

Everything needed to run FEA/CFD simulation is accessible as part of TotalCAE Private Cloud in just two clicks.

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Why choose TotalCAE for your turn-key private cloud solution?

TotalCAE has over 20 years of experience with high performance computing for CAE. Let our IT professionals enable you to increase your productivity. Focus more on engineering and less on configuring an optimally running engineering environment. Contact us at sales@totalcae.com or (888) 268-3930 to get started.

Why choose TotalCAE for your turn-key private cloud solution?

Read how the TotalCAE Private Cloud solution enabled O-I engineers to be more productive.

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Read how TotalCAE Private Cloud optimization reduced the cost per simulation job by over 40% for a major tier-1 auto supplier.

View the Case Study

“TotalCAE has been a great CAE IT partner that has helped our engineers be more productive through effective management of our HPC cluster.”

Larry Zhu O-I CAE Manager

TotalCAE Private Cloud Benefits

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

The cluster is proactively managed around-the-clock with TotalCAE tools monitoring hundreds of potential issues, automatically fixing many of them, and opening help desk tickets for other that TotalCAE can resolve before they impact your users.

TotalCAE supports our entire solution top to bottom.  Support includes CAE solvers and related applications, MPI management, storage, InfiniBand management, license management, batch schedulers, hardware, networking, and scripting.

Expert Engineers

Expert Engineers

Expert advice and solutions for workflow, batch scheduler tuning, remote visualization, CAE backups, and specialized solutions your engineering department needs.

TotalCAE support engineers understand how to install, manage, and optimize your applications to increase productivity.

White Glove Support

White Glove Support

Dedicated on-shore IT support team per account that you will know on a first name basis for faster response times.

Access TotalCAE IT professionals via email, chat, web, and telephone support (9-6 EST, M-F), with 24/7 support for critical issues.

Month to month support, we win your business every month.

Support for all popular FEA/CFD solvers. TotalCAE is partnered with all the major CAE solver companies to provide the best possible IT support.

Common Questions

Do you support XYZ solver?

We support every major FEA/CFD solver and popular engineering applications. If you have a 3rd party application or in-house solution nto listed,  please contact us.

What if we already have an IT department or support person on-site?

IT departments love to work with us! We allow them to focus on larger company-wide IT issues, while we are laser focused on engineering IT which is a highly specialized skillset that overworked corporate IT generally doesn't have time to tackle.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden fees for setup, support, or anything else. We provide clear documentation, readable by humans, on our services and SLAs.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. We do not lock you in. 

Do you sell/lease the cluster hardware, storage, networking, and software?

Yes. We provide and support all the hardware and software required, which can be bought or leased.

Will you work with a cluster we already have that we bought and isn’t working well?

Yes, though we find many pre-existing solutions often require remediation to improve their reliability and be in line with best practices.

Do we buy the CAE solver licenses from you?

No, we work with your CAE solver reseller or direct contact. We prefer to remain neutral and do not recommend any particular vendor. This allows us to offer the best possible support for all applications with no conflict of interest. We fully manage and support all the licenses and license servers for the applications. We can also provide detailed license utilization reporting to assist you in optimizing/justifying your solver licensing.

Can you support ITAR systems?

Yes, all of our support staff are American citizens and ITAR trained.

Is this different that public cloud?

Yes, our private cloud solution is on dedicated hardware in your data center. We also offer public cloud for burst and overflow computing. Download our free white paper: Private vs. Public CAE Clouds

I have more questions...

We’d love to answer them. Contact our sales team at (888)-268-3930.

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