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TotalCAE Hybrid HPC Cloud for

Easy to Use Hybrid Cloud Managed by TotalCAE

Easy to Use

All interactions with the cloud are is through a simple web browser. For power engineers, the full power of the command line is also available, making the solution flexible for a wide range of engineers.

Fully Managed

The entire solution is fully managed remotely by TotalCAE, alleviating you from needing to worry about how to maintain, manage, and update your HPC cloud environment including Abaqus and license managers.


Utilize on-premise HPC managed by TotalCAE for smaller day to day jobs at low cost, and utilize TotalCAE public cloud for large Abaqus jobs utilizing bring your own licensing with the ability to suspend/resume tokens.

TotalCAE is your single point of contact available via phone, email, and web to keep engineers working productively on the cloud and not dealing with IT issues.

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Running Abaqus on TotalCAE Public Cloud

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TotalCAE Hybrid HPC Cloud for SIMULIA Abaqus Users

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"A Big Help Keeping Deadlines"

The TotalCAE is very fast answering questions which is a big help in keeping project deadlines.

Dr. Christopher Basciano, CAE Engineer

For more information on TotalCAE solutions, email