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Managed HPC by TotalCAE

TotalCAE Infinite: Freeing You to Focus on Engineering by Lifting IT Burdens

High-Performance Computing (HPC) has transformed CAE enabling more complex physics and higher fidelity models while reducing the time engineers wait on answers. HPC clusters for CAE simulation can be time consuming to setup, hard to use, and complex to debug and manage which has limited engineers from being able to take advantage of their full potential. TotalCAE resolves this challenge with our TotalCAE Infinite Managed HPC cluster appliance.

TotalCAE Infinite is a turn-key HPC cluster solution that lives in your data center and is fully managed by TotalCAE's seasoned CAE IT professionals. Elevate productivity with easy-to-use TotalCAE software that includes pre-built integration for all major CAE applications, all managed by one vendor for seamless job submission, job monitoring, HPC capacity planning and analytics, and CAE license server management.

With over 17 years in high-performance computing, we free you to focus solely on engineering, lifting all IT burdens. Need cloud capacity? We offer the same easy to use platform and managed IT service on all major cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.

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HPC Everywhere

With TotalCAE, HPC Everywhere means flexible and cost-effective computing solutions, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. We specialize in managing hundreds of CAE applications to meet your specific needs. Our managed HPC cloud and clusters can get your environment operational in just a few days, not months, significantly reducing your IT labor and software costs. This approach allows us to provide a streamlined and economical solution tailored to your engineering needs.

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The Benefits of Managed HPC with TotalCAE

Specialized Expertise

Specialized Expertise

TotalCAE's team of professionals not only understand HPC clusters and cloud, but are also well versed in your CAE applications to manage and optimize them for peak performance.

Reduce Runtimes

Reduce Runtimes

Reduce time waiting on CAE results by 80% with on-premises clusters, keeping your engineering time more productive and maximizing the utilization of your CAE licensing.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

TotalCAE’s everything included approach of software, hardware, and systems administration enables you to get the benefits of HPC without the overhead costs of management and maintenance.

Global Support

Global Support

Our managed HPC solutions are backed by our global support options to keep your engineering team working productively. Our 1-hour response time ensures any concerns or queries you have are addressed promptly.

Keep Up To Date

Keep Up To Date

Let us handle the ongoing HPC IT and CAE application upkeep while you focus on engineering.

BYOC Solutions

Increase Agility with Our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) Solutions

Get access to additional HPC capacity for unexpected demand in your cloud subscription with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, or OCI all managed for you by TotalCAE.

TotalCAE On-Premises managed HPC cluster

On-Premises HPC

Harnessing Extra CAE Horsepower in Your Datacenter

Many businesses prefer the control, predictable cost, and fast data access of on-premises HPC solutions. Here's why TotalCAE managed HPC clusters stands out:

  • Turnkey HPC Appliance: Turn on, run jobs. The entire solution is pre-configured to meet your specifications so that it delivers completely functional on delivery.
  • Ongoing Management: With TotalCAE, we are managing the system through the life of the system to keep up to date with your business requirements and keep engineers working productively. Our proactive approach ensures your on-premises HPC cluster is always up-to-date and running efficiently.
  • Cloud When You Need It: Enjoy the savings of on-premises with the optional flexibility of cloud with a single vendor managing both environments and a single workflow.
  • Easy to Use: TotalCAE web portal makes it simple to submit jobs, manage, and monitor simulations. For power users, TotalCAE command line tools enable the most advanced usage scenarios. Our managed HPC solutions have the broadest range of integrations with industry standard interfaces.
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Cloud HPC

Flexible On-demand Access to Additional Compute Power

The cloud offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility for our HPC deployments. TotalCAE's cloud-based managed HPC solutions come with:

  • Instant Scalability: For unexpected demand, scale up your HPC without the need for purchasing permanent capacity.
  • Pay The Lowest Cloud Costs: TotalCAE runs in your cloud subscription so you pay the direct cloud costs and any corporate discounts your company has. TotalCAE does not mark up or charge extra fees on your cloud usage.
  • Geographical Flexibility: Access HPC resources from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for businesses with a global team or remote operations where on-prem HPC is not an option.
  • Easy Integration into Existing IT Systems: The TotalCAE solution runs completely inside your cloud environment, enabling your corporate IT to leverage and integrate your HPC into other IT systems. IT security teams have complete control and visibility into the security of your data to satisfy IT security concerns.
More About Cloud-Based HPC Management
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