TotalCAE on Azure

TotalCAE on Azure
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Easy to Use HPC Cloud on Azure Managed by TotalCAE
Focus on Engineering, not IT

Easy to Use - 3 Clicks to Solve

All interaction with Azure is through a simple job submission web portal.  For power engineers, the full power of the command line is also available, making the solution flexible for a wide range of engineers.

Focus on Engineering, not IT

The entire solution is fully managed remotely by TotalCAE, alleviating any need to worry about how to maintain, manage, and update your HPC cloud. TotalCAE can host in your Azure subscription or a dedicated hosted account.

Hundreds of Supported Applications

TotalCAE Supports hundreds of engineering applications including the latest versions, as well as your license managers if on-premise or hosted on the cloud.  

TotalCAE is your single point of contact available via phone, email, and web to keep engineers working productively on Azure and not dealing with IT issues.

Demo of running LS-DYNA
on Azure with TotalCAE

Benefits of TotalCAE on Azure

Enterprise Grade

Enterprise Grade Solution Hosted in Your Azure Subscription

TotalCAE proactively manages your HPC in your Azure subscription around the clock with TotalCAE tools monitoring hundreds of potential issues, automatically fixing many, and opening help desk tickets for others that TotalCAE can resolve before they impact your users. 

TotalCAE enables clients to adopt a production quality HPC system in their Azure subscription in a day not months, providing a production level system and application support your engineering team can rely on.

License Flexibility

License Flexibility

TotalCAE can access and manage your on-premises licensing, host it in the cloud for you, or use on-demand licensing from the major CAE Vendors.

By hosting and deploying the TotalCAE platform in your Azure subscription you gain seamless access to your CAE licenses.



TotalCAE leverages Azure data center security including ITAR supportive environments, all in your Azure subscription while integrating with your companies existing security controls.

Pay as You Go Compute

Pay-As-You-Go Direct Compute Costs Saves 50% on your  Cloud Costs

With TotalCE you pay the wholesale cost of compute power that you actually use directly to Microsoft with no middle-man markup, TotalCAE only charges a small monthly fee for our IT services desk and included TotalCAE Platform software.

Azure compute nodes are turned on and off based on cluster load and license availability offering you on-demand, pay-as-you-go compute to thousands of CPU cores.

Each cluster is dedicated and purpose built in your Azure subscription. Your company maintains complete control of all configuration and engineering data stored in your Azure environment. 

TotalCAE maintains your user preferences, custom libraries, aliases, and site specific customizations so you can use the workflow you are used to. 

Money Saving Features and Job Cost Reporting

Money Saving Features and Job Cost Reporting

TotalCAE has application level monitoring to alert you if your job is having an error, not converging, or having other issues to avoid spending money on jobs that aren't doing useful work.

Built-in budget controls enable engineers to see job costs, project balances, control cloud spending, and get individual job cost reports through the portal, command line, or in Excel for management reporting.

Expert Engineers with 1 Hour Response

1-Hour Response Time by Expert Engineers

TotalCAE experts will respond to your request for help or advice on running or updating your CAE applications on Azure within 1 hour.

TotalCAE support engineers understand how to install, manage, and optimize your CAE applications on unique Azure HPC technologies such as InfiniBand to increase productivity.

TotalCAE has 1 hour response times for issues and measured satisfaction.

White Glove Support for your Engineering Apps

White Glove Support for your CAE Applications

TotalCAE has partnered with all the major CAE companies to provide the best possible IT support for all popular FEA and CFD solvers which TotalCAE installs, updates, and optimizes in your Azure subscription.

Dedicated  IT support team per account that you will know on a first name basis for faster response times.

Access TotalCAE IT professionals via email, chat, web, and telephone support with global support options and 24x7 options available.

Speed up your simulations and increase simulation agility with TotalCAE on Azure

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Speed up your simulations and increase simulation agility with TotalCAE on Azure

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"Run Time Reduced & Increased Output"

“TotalCAE has provided us with access to high powered cloud resources to allow us to meet our tight project deadlines. Our run time has been significantly reduced and our output has increased dramatically with the help of TotalCAE cloud solutions.”

Patrick Brooks

"Fast Turnaround Time"

"TotalCAE  enables fast turnaround time, with the same web portal we have on-premise. TotalCAE is simple to use, straight forward, and enables us to focus on engineering.  TotalCAE very smoothly handles all cloud complexity."

Guang Dong
Lucid Motors

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