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TotalCAE has launched TotalViz, a turnkey client-less  remote visualization solution for engineers.

Benefits of TotalViz Remote Visualization

  1. Avoid engineers wasting time downloading large results over slow connections to their workstation from remote clusters just to look at them on their local workstation.
  2. Enhance productivity by enabling an engineer to keep simulations or other interactive GUI applications running even when not connected. The engineer can disconnect and then re-connect to the same running desktop as they roam between meetings, or pickup where they left off when going from work to home.
  3.  Enhance security by enabling remote employees or suppliers to access, view, and manipulate data without having to send that data outside your data center.
  4. Save money by eliminating the need to buy every person a high end CAE/CAD workstation. Users can be pooled on shared visualization resources.

Unlike other solutions on the market, TotalViz requires no clients on the end user workstation, and no plugins. Any modern web browser (Chrome, IE, Edge, FireFox) is all that is required to display high end 2D and 3D OpenGL applications.

Another unique feature of the TotalViz solution is the ability to view a ‘live’ snapshot picture of running GUI applications through the portal. This is useful for just spot checking STAR-CCM+, ANSYS Fluent and other applications quickly that are hooked up to a running simulation, without requiring you to login to the desktop just to check on them.

Watch the video below to see how easy TotalViz is to use  with one-click to desktop. The demo will launch some popular applications including LSTC LS-PrePost and SIMULIA Abaqus, all while using a low end connection (a VPN over WiFI on a laptop to a remote public cloud server).

For more information on remote visualization,  download the remote visualization whitepaper.