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Below is a video showing how simple it is to submit to HPC clusters and cloud with TotalCAE Platform with our 2022Q1 release.

This video shows running Ansys Fluent on AWS hpc6a.48xlarge through a portal, command line, and through our one-click cloud desktop launching Ansys Workbench. The integrated billing system has additional new features including the ability to create and manage projects, set spending limits by projects and users, set budget warnings, and export all data to Excel in one click.

The entire solution is managed by TotalCAE in your data center or AWS/Azure subscription, so our clients can focus on engineering, and not IT.

If you like this video, sign up for our webinar next week at to learn how Accelerate Wind used TotalCAE on AWS to reduce their simulation time from 4 hours on a workstation to 12 minutes on a cluster.