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TotalCAE has partnered with Oracle to add new capabilities to TotalCAE’s Simulation as a Service high performance computing (HPC) cloud platform utilizing OCI. Leveraging Oracle OCI enables TotalCAE to offer our over 60 turn-key simulation software applications on OCI’s unique RDMA cloud instances that look, feel, perform, and scale like TotalCAE on-premise HPC InfiniBand cluster appliances.

Some performance features of these new machines include:

1. Bare Metal, no virtualization
2. 36-core per node using Intel 6154 3.7GHz all core turbo processors
3. 384 GB Ram
4. 6.7 TB NVME Local Storage
5. 2uS RDMA to enable jobs to scale out, without having to change the application.

Which translate directly into great application scaling and performance when running thousands of core jobs. An example real world customer result of using ANSYS Fluent up to 1000 cores is shown below:

ANSYS Fluent Scaling with TotalCAE Cloud on OCI
ANSYS Fluent Scaling with TotalCAE Cloud on OCI

By utilizing TotalCAE, customers can take advantage of our on-premise managed HPC cluster appliance, coupled with our TotalCAE turn-key hybrid cloud platform that enables clients to run their engineering workflows in the most optimal and cost effective fashion in just a few clicks.

TotalCAE Portal for ANSYS
TotalCAE Portal for ANSYS


To learn more about TotalCAE on OCI, TotalCAE CEO Rodney Mach will be presenting “Big Compute and High-Performance Computing on Oracle Cloud” – Monday October 22nd, 12:30 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. | Moscone South – Room 206 at Oracle World.

Contact info at for the materials if you are unable to attend in-person.