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New TotalCAE Platform Feature: Suspend and Resume Abaqus tokens in Two Clicks

TotalCAE now makes it easy to suspend and resume Abaqus tokens on long running Abaqus jobs so you can run quick data checks or or run urgent short running jobs without having to cancel the existing job or do a tedious full checkpoint/restart.

With TotalCAE, just right click on a job in the TotalCAE portal to suspend/resume the tokens. It is that easy! This feature is available both on our public cloud, and on-premise HPC appliance for Abaqus. It works with DSLS or FLEXlm licensing.

TotalCAE Platform with Abaqus suspend/resume tokens
TotalCAE Platform with Abaqus suspend/resume tokens

To see a live video demonstration, head over to and click on the video to see how easy it is to manage limited tokens with the TotalCAE platform with just a right click.