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CAE Application Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8 and RHEL9)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and compatible clones are widely supported by most CAE and CFD solvers, but not all versions work with new versions of the operating system, and this post is to help clients look at their current applications and plan to migrate to newer releases that will be required on new HPC clusters.

Most older HPC systems deployed in the field are running RHEL 7.9 which is supported by Red Hat until June 30, 2024. New HPC systems are on RHEL 8.X which will be supported by Red Hat until May 2029.

in some industries it is not uncommon to be baselined on a solver version that is 3-5 years old or on versions that are not technically supported but still work. Note that in some cases “not supported” also now means “won’t even work” on RHEL8, and so this post can help for planning.

This table is not a comprehensive list, we will update this post as needed.

Application NameMinimum App VersionFirst RHEL8 Supported Version
Abaqus2021 (FP2117 & above)RHEL 8.1 & above
Tosca2022(FP2205)RHEL 8.1
Isight2022(FP2205)RHEL 8.1
Dymola2023RHEL 8.2
Altair Optistruct2020.1RHEL 8.X
Ansys Fluent2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys Mechanical2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys CFX2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys Polyflow2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys Electronics Desktop2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys Forte2021 R1RHEL 8.1
Ansys Slwave2021 R1RHEL 8.1
CONVERGE 3.1.6, 3.2.2RHEL 8.4
CST Studio 2022RHEL 8.x
Mathworks Matlab2019b & aboveRHEL 8.x
MSC Nastran2022RHEL 8.4
MSC Adams2022RHEL 8.4
MSC Simufact2022RHEL 8.4
Polyumod 6.5.1RHEL 8.X
Star-CCM+ 2022.1 & aboveRHEL 8.3 & above
LS-DYNA 9.3.1 for Intel MPI 2018 supportRHEL 8.X
RHEL8 Support Matrix for CAE

Note while RHEL9 is the latest release of RHEL, we do not recommend RHEL9 at this time, there is very little to no support for it at the time of this writing by CAE solvers.

Note that Abaqus 2021 with all hotfixes on RHEL8 will still require kernel modifications on RHEL8 to work which is not required with Abaqus 2022.

Last Update 10/242022