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TotalCAE Sponsoring the LS-DYNA User Conference Detroit October 26th 2022

TotalCAE is sponsoring the LS-DYNA user conference in Detroit on October 26th:

Come by the TotalCAE booth and learn how we we can help you reduce simulation times with the latest HPC technologies for LS-DYNA with our on-prem managed HPC clusters, or managed cloud in your Azure or AWS subscription.

The worlds largest and most innovative companies utilize TotalCAE managed clusters and cloud to accelerate their time to market. Advantages of TotalCAE are

  1. TotalCAE clusters are hosted in your data center, and remotely managed by TotalCAE, alleviating clients of the burden of maintaining their HPC and CAE applications.
  2. TotalCAE on-demand clouds are hosted in your AWS or Azure subscription, enabling you to pay the lowest possible cloud costs starting at .03 cents per core hour, and maintain security and governance of your engineering data.
  3. TotalCAE includes all software to make the HPC and cloud easy to use in just a few clicks
  4. One vendor to call with TotalCAE 1-hour response times for your entire HPC simulation environment on-prem and cloud.
  5. Support hundreds of CAE applications on-prem and on cloud with an identical interface and workflow.
  6. TotalCAE supports the entire 3rd party LS-DYNA ecosystem including tools like PolyUMod for LS-DYNA, FEMZIP, Oasys REPORTER, Humanetics, and other Ansys tools like LS-OPT and LS-PrePost.

For some TotalCAE HPC success stories with LS-DYNA see:

  1. JSP Managed TotalCAE Cluster
  2. ARA Managed TotalCAE Cluster
  3. Lucid Motors TotalCAE on AWS