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TotalCAE SFTP – Download simulation results 10X faster from the cloud

One of the barriers to public cloud computing is the time it takes to download large engineering data from the cloud. Often the time to download files dwarfs the time saved solving on the cloud, negating the speedup of running on a remote cluster or public cloud.

Public Cloud Bandwidth Challenge
Public Cloud Bandwidth Challenge


For example, downloading 10-100GB of result data can often take 1/2 a day or more using standard download utilities.

To overcome this barrier, TotalCAE has a special secure FTP client “tsftp” that is able to download files up to 10X or more faster than other  standard utilities.

Download 10X Faster with TSFTP
Download 10X Faster with TSFTP

For our public and private cloud clusters we provide this tool at no charge to speed up download times and reduce waiting. One of our customers was waiting 6-8 hours for results with WinSCP, and now was able to download the same result file in 30 minutes with TSFTP

The TSFTP “secret sauce” is that our tool parallelizes the download with multiple threads and reassemble the file. Most standard tools sequentially download the file from start to finish which doesn’t utilize all the CPU cores of your workstation nor the available bandwidth available.

Please see some similar pictures from my portfolio:
Most SFTP Clients are single lane traffic.

TotalCAE TSFTP is like having a 4 lane highway to move more traffic faster, instead of having that highway only have one lane open like most traditional SFTP clients.

If you are a TotalCAE customer contact us, the tool is free for all of our private and public cloud customers.