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TotalCAE Platform 2020 – Unified Solution for HPC Managed Clusters and Cloud

TotalCAE has released our 2020Q1 version of our platform which unifies many of our popular tools into a single release, all managed by TotalCAE

See the video below for major highlights including

  1. Submit to HPC clusters and cloud hundreds of CAE applications in just a few clicks.
  2. Advanced CAE application integrations. Demo of LS-DYNA integrations including time remaining, sense switches, automatic include file pre-processing, license aware scheduling, monitoring and more.
  3. Integrated billing, budget controls for cloud.
  4. CAE application monitoring with TotalCAE watchdog to alert you when something looks amiss with your simulation by examining the job output and emailing you when it finds issues.
  5. Data analytics for clusters utilization and reporting, node analytics, license usage analytics, and storage capacity planning.
  6. Command line submission in addition to the Portal submission.
  7. Data management that automates categorizing all simulation data and information needed to re-create it, so you can perform a google-like search on your engineering data months. or years later to find past simulations. Example uses are to find all models that used a particular material, or find simulations related to a specific product or program.
TotalCAE Platform 2020 Q1 Overview