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TotalCAE is a Gold Sponsor of NAFEMS World Congress 2023 being held in Tampa Florida May 15th – May 18th

TotalCAE is once again a proud Gold Sponsor of NAFEMS World Congress 2023, being held in Tampa, Florida, May 15th – May 18th. Visit us at the booth! A list of our workshops, talks, and other activities is below

Tuesday 16th 11:40-13:00 Track B:

Reduce Simulation Time with TotalCAE Managed HPC clusters and Bring Your Own Cloud

  • Learn the pros and cons between HPC clusters, cloud, and ISV clouds for reducing CAE simulation runtime.
  • See when on-prem HPC is more cost-effective than cloud.
  • Learn the challenges of do-it-yourself (DIY) options.
  • See how to calculate the actual ROI of on-prem and cloud options.
  • See TotalCAE solutions for common pitfalls when adopting the cloud, such as license access, data transfer, and data orchestration.
  • See how to calculate if pay-as-you-go options are the most cost-effective.
  • See how TotalCAE makes it easy to manage costs when using an on-demand cloud in your AWS, OCI, GCP, or Azure subscription.
  • Learn how TotalCAE makes it easy to orchestrate between on-prem and cloud with the TotalCAE Platform.
  • Learn the best HPC hardware for your CAE application, including cloud hardware options and associated pricing. 
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of cloud vendors for CAE and how to choose.
  • See a demo of the TotalCAE Platform, enabling three-click access to on-prem HPC clusters and cloud systems for hundreds of CAE applications. 
  • See TotalCAE client case studies across automotive, life sciences, energy, and medical devices that reduced simulation time, increased agility and lowered costs by 75%.
  • See a roadmap to go into production with HPC clusters and cloud in days, not months. 

Tuesday 16th  16:40-18:05 3L

Round Table Panel Discussion Challenges of Adopting HPC for CAE Simulation. Organized and moderated by Lee Margetts, Chair of the HPC Technical Working Group, which TotalCAE is a member of. This session will focus on common high-performance computing (HPC) challenges when adopting HPC for CAE simulation. It will start with a short talk to set the scene, highlighting the pros and cons of on-premises high-performance computing, cloud, ISV clouds, and hybrid clouds. TotalCAE will be a panelist for this talk.

Wednesday 17th 4:10-17:55 Section 6K

Cloud Computing Chair

Rodney Mach of TotalCAE will be chairing the cloud computing track of the conference.