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We are pleased to announce our most recent release of TotalCAE Platform, our team has been hard at work in our mission to make HPC clusters and cloud simple to use for our managed clients. A key part of that is our TotalCAE platform that is included with our management services. Some of the larger recent enhancements in our 2021Q1 release:

Co-Simulation Enhancements

Co-simulation is coupling two or more distinct solvers together that normally run independently to solve a problem. For example, Abaqus may be doing some structural analysis, and pass off CFD analysis to Xflow, all in a single job. A more complicated scenario show below is having CoTherm orchestrate solving between TAITherm and SIEMENS STAR-CCM+ or Ansys Fluent in a single job to solve advanced simulation problems.

TotalCAE now has 1st class support for fine-grained control of coupling scenarios, which makes it easy for clients to control and choose coupling of their favorite applications that support these more advanced simulation requirements

An advanced example of coupling multiple solver applications

Monitoring and Analytics – Job Application and Version Report

This new report is handy to visualize which version(s) are in use, as some clients may have 10+ versions of an application, and this will enable clients to see which versions are most used, which ones can be retired, at a glance

See application and version usage reports

Monitoring and Analytics – File Age Report

Our monitoring and analytics will now show you not only who is consuming storage and how much, but the age of that data. Often the temporary data for calculations is not valuable as it ages, as most CAE simulation results are not kept. Now you can dive into where the oldest data is, and target that for cleanup to avoid filling up your on-premises storage and/or reduce the cost of your cloud storage

See how much data by user is over a certain age to target data cleanup efforts, or data storage cost optimization

Job Dependencies

It is not uncommon that users want to submit a bunch of CAE jobs that depend on each other, for example, the output of job A feeds into job B. Many clients are using this for load cases, or various CAE pipelines they have created. This is now natively supported in the Web portal and tsubmit command line through the –depends-on-jobid flag

Cloud Project Billing Support with Ansys RSM

For users using Ansys RSM to submit to TotalCAE managed cloud systems, that is now integrated with our billing system to allow you to have different RSM jobs be billed to user-specified projects

Automatic Include File Handling Extended to Support Abaqus

Having “include” files for models is great for sharing different common components, but can make it difficult to track them all down on the filesystem, modify and prepare them for upload to cloud or remote HPC clusters.

TotalCAE has a command line tool called TotalCAE Flattener that will rewrite your models that have includes to be remove all local PATH information, then zip them up to make them readily portable to cloud systems or remote clusters. We have extended support to Abaqus in this release.

In-Browser Terminal Command Line

A lot of clients love using the command line, we have a terminal version of our portal called “tsubmit” that is handy for submitting lots of jobs quickly, like looping through load cases. Clients also like being able to use their favorite Linux utilities. Now you can get a command line terminal right in the browser, making it easy to access the command line for whatever needs the engineer has.

Full Linux command line terminal in the browser