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TotalCAE Activation Filter (TAF)

Schedule Jobs based on License Availability with TotalCAE Activation Filter (TAF)

TotalCAE Windows Activation Filter is a simple tool that enables license-aware scheduling for commercially licensed codes on Windows; no coding or programming is required. Just run the point-and-click wizard to add your license servers to enable License-Aware Scheduling on Windows HPC.


  • Less than two minutes to install with a simple graphical installer, get up and running quickly without coding.
  • Comprehensive step by step documentation.
  • Out-of-the-box support for all FLEXlm licensed applications.
  • Support for Non-FLEXlm-based license servers like LSTC, SIMULIA DSLS, Reprise, and LM-X.
  • Support for composite features where an application start if different individual FLEXlm features are available.
  • Support for unlimited number of licensed applications.
  • Build in simulator for testing jobs.
  • One year of technical support via phone and email.
  • TotalCAE Submission Filter can add license requirements to jobs as they entire the system with pre-built rules for popular CAE applications.
  • One click to add an “After Hours” queue to Windows HPC
  • Built in testing and diagnostics tools, plus extensive logging.


Three Easy Steps to use TotalCAE Windows HPC Activation Filter for License Aware Scheduling

Below is a step by step guide of how easy it is to add License Aware Scheduling to any Windows HPC application such as Ansys, Abaqus, Matlab, amd more.

Step 1. Launch TAF


Step 2. Choose your License Type such as FLEXlm



Step 3. Fill in your license server details


Step 4. Enable and Test


That’s it. If your application does not add the required licensing in the Licenses field on submission, TotalCAE makes a TotalCAE Submission Filter that makes it simple to modify jobs as they enter the system and add in required Licenses onto the job so they can be licensed aware scheduled.


For more information on purchasing TotalCAE Activation Filter (TAF) reach out to info at totalcae dot com