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TotalCAE RemoteViz allows you or your staff working remotely to interact with data and applications in real time. TotalCAE RemoteViz lowers costs while improving performance. Keep remote engineers working productively by eliminating the challenges of transferring and managing large data sets, remote analysis, and collaboration between remote and on-site users.

Why Use TotalCAE RemoteViz?

  1. Hire engineers no matter where they live and give them access to your central engineering resources remotely as if they were on-site.
  2. Prevent sensitive models from being downloaded to laptops by keeping engineering data in the data center.
  3. Eliminate the time wasted on waiting for downloads over slow networks to workstations by doing interactive post processing on the RemoteViz server.
  4. Consolidate your HPC clusters and have smaller branch offices access your central engineering cluster.
  5. Let engineers, designers, and vendors access design information without transferring proprietary data outside the secure data center; only image pixels are transmitted to users.
  6. Give engineers the ability to connect/disconnect from their remote high performance workstation for any meeting or space; they can leave their simulation or CAD running.
  7. Empower engineers and designers to share and collaborate on engineering design, training, or support.
  8. Reduce costs by pooling high-end workstations that do not need a dedicated CAE/CAD workstation 100% of the time.
  9. Extend the life of low-end platforms like thin clients and legacy PCs while still displaying workstation-class 2D/3D graphics.

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TotalCAE Private Cloud for FEA/CFD is a turn-key, fully managed HPC cluster appliance for engineering applications on a dedicated cluster that lives in your data center. TotalCAE draws a dotted line around your engineering IT resources and takes complete ownership of managing the entire environment. We help you make your engineering team more productive by relieving the IT burden.
Everything needed to run FEA/CFD simulation is included as part of TotalCAE Private Cloud and accessible in just two clicks.

Why choose TotalCAE for your turn-key private cloud solution?

TotalCAE has over 20 years of experience with high performance computing for CAE. Let our IT professionals enable you to increase your productivity. Focus more on engineering and less on configuring an optimally running engineering environment. Contact us at or (888) 268-3930 to get started.