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Run Siemens STAR-CCM+  in just a few clicks on TotalCAE Public Cloud! See   for a walkthrough on running  STAR-CCM+  with just a few clicks.

STAR-CCM+ enables users to run an unlimited number of cores per simulation for each power license.  which is a perfect fit for cloud simulation where engineers are not constrained by compute capacity.

TotalCAE public cloud  has several features that make it deal for running STAR-CCM+ in the cloud, including automatically downloading large STAR-CCM+ results  to  your on-premise location from the cloud, and support for both bring your own license, and Power on Demand (PoD) licensing.

TotalCAE is sponsoring the Siemens  2018 Simcenter Conference right in our backyard of Detroit, Michigan. Come to our booth to learn more about how TotalCAE can help you run STAR-CCM+ on the cloud if you are attending that event. If you can’t make it, head over to   and register to receive our whitepaper to learn more.