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HPC Optimized AWS EC2 Instance Hpc6a Now Available on TotalCAE

TotalCAE delivers HPC solutions for cloud and on-prem completely managed by TotalCAE and backed by TotalCAE global 1 hour response times. TotalCAE enables our clients to submit their engineering workloads to HPC in just a few clicks, with our extensive CAE application catalog.

TotalCAE is pleased to announce our support for the latest HPC-optimized AWS EC2 instance Hpc6a. The Hpc6a instance features 96 cores of AMD’s 3rd Gen EPYC 7003 series processors with with up to 3.6 GHz all-core turbo frequency , 384GB of memory, and AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) for low-latency RDMA communications.

TotalCAE clients can take advantage of Hpc6a in one click by choosing it from the Run On: option:

“As an AWS HPC Competency Partner, we help customers run their CAE workloads in the cloud with the TotalCAE Platform. With HPC6a instances, we have seen up to a 30% performance boost for computational fluid dynamics workloads at a lower cost, enabling TotalCAE to offer customers industry leading price performance and scalability in the cloud” said Rodney Mach, CEO of TotalCAE.

For more information on HPC6a announcement see:

For more information on how TotalCAE can make it easy for you to adopt HPC6a for your CAE workloads, reach out to