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Finding your engineering model in the simulation data haystack


Have you ever been tasked with going back and finding out some information about a simulation that was ran months or years ago? Was that person who ran that simulation even with the company any more?  Organizing and searching the quantity and huge amount of simulation data has always been a challenge for most organizations, and is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.


Finding Engineering Data in the Simulation Data Haystack
Can you go back and fetch that one simulation you did a couple years ago?

TotalCAE Data Marshal feature solves the problem of organizing simulation data and avoiding the drudgery of manually doing it by  automatically storing  all information about the simulation, with zero extra steps for the engineer.

Simulation engineers just work as normal by submitting their jobs to the TotalCAE cluster or cloud, and all the simulation data needed to re-create the job in the future is automatically captured, tagged, and archived.  Data includes

  1. The input model(s) and any includes.
  2. The version of the software, all options and scripts required to re-generate the results.
  3. Any comments about the job, such as what project, client, or program number it was for.
  4. Optionally the results themselves.

And now you can easily do a “Google” like search on your data with a simple to use interface to go and find that data days, months, or years later.

Data Marshal "Google" like search for simulation data
Data Marshal “Google” like search for simulation data


All of this engineering data is stored on commodity storage, so you can use existing NAS or TotalCAE filer appliances to store your data, and TotalCAE supports native AWS S3 storage to directly store your data in the cloud with access to nearly unlimited data storage.

Data Marshal does not replace traditional PLM or full blown simulation data management tools. Data Marshal exists to bridge the gap to provide a good enough solution for many TotalCAE clients who:

1. Want to automatically capture of all simulation data and easily search on it  later.

2. Don’t want to have to have a huge process change or force everyone to change their process or how they work to capture the data.

3. Don’t need a large complex system, and are looking to move their simulation management  forward with minimal training, investment, and hassle for the engineer

If this sounds like it could benefit your company, reach out to TotalCAE or see more information at