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TotalCAE – Focus on Engineering and not IT – Client Testimonials

TotalCAE is committed to our clients being able to focus on doing engineering, and not dealing with IT issues or productivity killing workflows.

TotalCAE measure our success on every ticket and call, with the opportunity for engineers to directly let the TotalCAE CEO know on every ticket in one click that they are 100% satisfied with TotalCAE support.

TotalCAE Client Satisfaction

Anything less than 100% positive receives a phone call from the CEO to ensure our clients are receiving top notch support. TotalCAE measures our goal of less than 1 hour response time to all client email issues, and no wait time for calls during business hours.

Here are some recent comments from our help desk surveys that I have received:

“Thank you for the great, seamless and almost invisible service that you folks have provided to us over the last year or more! The fact that we hardly ever have to talk to you is  a testament to the quality of your product and team.”   

You have been a great CAE IT partner that has helped our engineers be more productive”

” Just wanted to say you guys are really helpful and the quick turnarounds are really appreciated. “

“As always the response was excellent and the issue quickly resolved. Thank you again for being a valuable part of the team.”

“Very fast answering questions which is a big help in keeping project deadlines.”

“Promptness was all that was needed and delivered.”

“You did  a great job explaining and resolving the issue”

You are the dream team”

“I am grateful for your partnership and support”

“You you were very knowledgeable in what he did. It was very easy to to get things done”

“You guys are the best, A++”

“Thanks for explaining how to do what I was trying to do and suggesting a better way”

“Thanks for being able to quickly resolve issues and come up with solutions for our custom workflows on the fly.”

“Very quick responses”

“Your  help was tremendous on this one. Thanks again.”

“The service was very good and quick. I am very happy with service provided.”

“It was a great initiative and support to help me on my coupling job”

“Thanks for all of your help and support on the migration, it was seamless”

“The dedication has been excellent.”

“Quick response, easy resolution.”

“You are always doing a great job for us ,  alway very responsive “

I appreciate our clients who went out of their way to recognize our teams service, and for the TotalCAE team for continuing to deliver on our promise. Our clients success is  why TotalCAE exists, and we look forward to continuing to help clients exceed their simulation goals.

-Rodney Mach – CEO