TotalCAE sponsored and presented at the CONVERGE Global User Conference September 19th-23rd 2022.

We had a client present on their work, and had a great time seeing our other CONVERGE clients again, including friends at Convergent Science.

As part of the conference we have added a free course to TotalCAE University on how to submit, monitor, and manage CONVERGE jobs to TotalCAE HPC clusters, and TotalCAE on Cloud Infrastructure from AWS and Azure:

The biggest news from the conference was Convergent Science announced their Horizon cloud platform for CONVERGE joining the other ISV’s with a direct cloud offering. Horizon may be a good solution if you need pay as you go CONVERGE licensing. Some advantages TotalCAE has when considering a cloud strategy for your CAE department:

  1. We host in your company’s cloud subscription, so you can pay the lowest possible costs for cloud infrastructure directly to AWS or Azure, starting at $2.88 an hour for 96 cores.
  2. Run large scale jobs with multiple nodes connected with InfiniBand or AWS EFA. See InfiniBand benefits for CONVERGE here.
  3. Hosting in your cloud subscription enables transparent access to your existing paid CAE/CFD licensing.
  4. Hosting in your cloud environment enables IT control and visibility into security and possible higher bandwidth downloads if you have Azure Express Route or AWS Direct Connect.
  5. Support 100’s of CAE and CFD applications with one solution, and one place to go for IT CAE support.
  6. Have an identical interface and workflow for on-prem (for lowest constant workload cost) and cloud, with one vendor supporting all your CAE applications for all your workloads on-prem or cloud.
  7. Support for all the major HPC cloud infrastructure providers.
  8. Support for integrated cloud desktops on-demand starting at $1.34 per hour for pre/post processing to avoid the cloud download penalty.