Schedule Jobs based on License Availability with TotalCAE Activation Filter (TAF)

TAF enables Windows HPC or Linux batch clusters to be aware of license availability for SIMULIA DSLS, FLEXlm, LSTC, Reprise, and LM-X licensed applications when scheduling jobs.


• Automatic Self-Service Backup and Recovery

Ease of Use

• Simple graphic interface (GUI) and command line interface; NO coding or programming required.
• Less than two minutes to install with a simple graphical installer.
• Comprehensive step by step documentation.
• Secure and Reliable

Comprehensive Support

• Out-of-the-box support for all FLEXlm licensed applications.
• Support for Non-FLEXlm-based license servers like LSTC, SIMULIA DSLS, Reprise, and LM-X.
• Support for unlimited number of licensed applications.
• One year of technical support via phone and email.
• Supports a wide range of schedulers including SLURM, Windows HPC, PBS Professional, and others
• Secure and Reliable


• Built in testing and diagnostics tools, plus extensive logging.

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TotalCAE Private Cloud for FEA/CFD is a turn-key, fully managed HPC cluster appliance for engineering applications on a dedicated cluster that lives in your data center. TotalCAE draws a dotted line around your engineering IT resources and takes complete ownership of managing the entire environment. We help you make your engineering team more productive by relieving the IT burden.
Everything needed to run FEA/CFD simulation is included as part of TotalCAE Private Cloud and accessible in just two clicks.

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TotalCAE has over 20 years of experience with high performance computing for CAE. Let our IT professionals enable you to increase your productivity. Focus more on engineering and less on configuring an optimally running engineering environment. Contact us at or (888) 268-3930 to get started.