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TotalCAE License Reporting and Management for HPC

TotalCAE License Reporting and Management

TotalCAE License Reporting and Management helps you simplify license usage reporting and software license management. TotalCAE can manage and provide on-demand utilization reports of CAE applications to help make the most of your software budget by optimizing CPU counts to run your applications at the lowest license cost.

TotalCAE manages all of your IT licensing infrastructure to eliminate single points of failure for licenses. We manage the lifecycle of installing, removing, and incrementing licensing from vendors so you don’t have to worry about the IT up-keep.

TotalCAE supports and manages all popular CAE license systems from a variety of vendors including FLEXlm, LSTC, RLM, LM-X, SIMULIA DSLS, ANSA, GT-Suite, and more.

Optimizing CAE Licensing Cost

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Optimizing CAE Licensing Cost

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