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NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry Review

TotalCAE sponsored the NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry.

Mr. Thomas Ramsay from Honda R&D gave a great talk about his work with OpenFOAM and the Acura NSX SuperCar ( we worked supporting the OpenFOAM IT installation there for him for many years).  He mentioned they ran over 1400 CFD jobs supporting the project, using over 7000 cores.   The marketing videos for this project were true rendered CFD simulations and not made-up which was unique.

Delphi gave an interesting talk on their HPC strategy. They noted the challenges of moving data from HPC clusters across the WAN and similar issues with their Public cloud trials. They used a series of small clusters staged at each site to eliminate wait times from downloading over the internet.


Public Cloud Bandwidth Challenge
Public Cloud Bandwidth Challenge

This is a familiar challenge with public cloud computing for FEA, there is a variety of strategies to try and work around this limitation including Remote Visualization as well as compression technologies, or use a similar Delphi strategy such as having the data/compute close to the engineers.

TotalCAE gave a talk on the challenges with HPC and Private/Public cloud computing for FEA/CFD and how we help customers overcome these challenges to take full advantage of HPC to speed up simulation and time to market. We will post our talk once it is recorded.