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TotalCAE will be presenting. June 18th at the conference on advancing analysis and simulation in engineering (CAASE20) at 4:000 EST on “Choosing Between Managed HPC Clusters and Cloud for CAE – Challenges and Opportunities”

Learn how companies are adopting the latest trends High Performance Private and Public Cloud Computing solutions to customer challenges, and a roadmap to adopting simulation as a service. 

Topics include: 

1. Types of Cloud Computing for Engineers ‐ On‐premise ‐ Public Cloud ‐ Hybrid ‐ ISV Application Native 

2. Pros of Cons of Each option and how to select the right strategy for your company. 

3. How to choose between various major public IaaS cloud options including AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI. 

4. Build vs Buy ‐ We will cover what is required to build a cloud or on‐premise cluster vs Buy. 

5. CAE licensing in the cloud ‐ An update on licensing options including BYOL, cloud

hosted, cloud forward, and other methods for purchasing CAE licensing for cloud usage. 

6. Public Cloud Challenges

7. Security 

8. Real world ROI 

9. Benchmarks ‐ On Premise HPC cluster vs Cloud 

10. Real World Customer Case Studies 

There are several other interesting talks being given by clients, we hope to see you there virtually! For more information or to sign up visit