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TotalCAE supports nearly all engineering applications on multiple clouds all with a single interface. This enables customers to take advantage of the best price/performance for their particular application and use case, removing the need to figure out the implementation details of the particular cloud vendor and applications.

TotalCAE Supports Multiple Public Clouds and On Premise Clouds with a Single Interface
TotalCAE Supports Multiple Public Clouds and On Premise Clouds with a Single Interface


The best choice of cloud to use is based on several factors including performance, application licensing, projected resource utilization,  and cost. TotalCAE helps you analyze the best choice for your situation.

An example analysis was done recently for a customer using an application that had hourly on-demand rental licensing, and “owned” licensing to help them understand their options.

Just looking at the performance of their model for each of the options showed similar performance numbers ( lower is better) with on-premise being fastest, following by Azure and AWS, but all within similar performance.

Performance of AWS vs Azure vs On-Premise


When adjusting for the actual details of this application vendors tiered pay-as-you-go licensing, the per job cost shows that many vendor licensing “pay as you go” rental algorithms may adjust the decision on which platform based on the required turn around time, budget, and planned resource utilization.

Per job cost with compute and application licensing for AWS vs Azure vs On Premise

If you are looking at your options for public cloud and/or private cloud, contact TotalCAE on how we can make it simple to adopt the best cloud for your application utilizing the TotalCAE cloud platform.