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TotalCAE Now Supports Job Time Estimation with Abaqus

Several CAE applications support the ability to guesstimate when they will be finished by calculating how long past iterations have taken and extrapolating that information into the future. This can be useful for example, for planning when your next job might start, or when you might be able to post-process the results. It is also handy if on cloud if a job is taking longer (and thus costing more) than you anticipated.

TotalCAE now supports job time estimation with Abaqus like in the screenshot below:

The estimation is automatic and doesn’t require you to request it or modify your model.

Note that the estimation is limited to examining past data to predict the future and may not be accurate for certain classes of models. For example, if the past data is not indicative of the future iteration time due to rapidly changing contact conditions. The estimation can’t look into the future, only the past.

This feature is in the August 2022 release of TotalCAE platform, and requires Abaqus 2022 HF2 or later.

Other useful Abaqus integrations included with TotalCAE are 1-click suspend/resume Abaqus tokens, Abaqus Clean Terminate, Automatic Lock File Cleanup, DSLS/FlexLM license aware scheduling, and STA file monitoring via TotalCAE Watchdog.

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if you are interested in running Abaqus on TotalCAE Infinite HPC clusters or cloud to reduce simulation runtime.