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New results from NVIDIA on Abaqus 2016 GPU performance

We received some exciting new Abaqus Rolls Royce benchmarks from NVIDIA just in time for the SIMULIA conference!  Note that GPUs benefit Abaqus/Standard users by enabling speedup on a model without having to use additional licensing tokens.

Notice below that the 4 core run with 1 GPU performs the same as the 32 core with no GPU. The real key advantage is that the GPU run uses significantly less Abaqus tokens, giving you essentially “free” speedup!

Token Usage with Abaqus 2016 and NVIDIA GPU
 Performance and Token Usage with Abaqus 2016 and NVIDIA GPU

Since GPU performance is model dependent, TotalCAE can provide you with some rules of thumb if the model will be appropriate for GPU computing. If the model fits the criteria TotalCAE can benchmark the exact performance with your actual Abaqus model to determine if and how many GPU’s will benefit you.