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Join us for Lunch to learn how TotalCAE reduces CAE simulation time on the cloud with TotalCAE on AWS and the latest HPC optimized AWS instances

Join us for a lunch to learn at the AWD offices in Detroit on how TotalCAE is reducing CAE simulation time on the cloud in just a few clicks  with TotalCAE on AWS. 

Learn how TotalCAE makes it as simple as three clicks to take advantage of AWS HPC technologies for CAE such as NICE DCV for Cloud desktops, FSX for Lustre for high speed storage, and the latest in AWS HPC instances for your CAE applications.

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Lunch and Learn Background:

Nearly all industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, and consumer goods use Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for product development processes to deliver innovative products to market, faster.

Companies have traditionally relied on local workstations and in-house high performance computing (HPC) clusters for their CAE workloads. These workloads include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Generative Design. To eliminate on-premises capacity constraints, and increase engineering agility, companies are looking to utilize AWS products and services.  However, many companies do not have the IT expertise to  build, manage, and upkeep cloud resources to avail its benefits.

TotalCAE platform makes HPC on AWS easy and accessible. In just a few clicks engineers can access any of the hundreds of CAE applications such as  STAR-CCM+, Abaqus, Nastran, LS-DYNA, COMSOL, Ansys Fluent  and leverage AWS HPC related compute hardware and services for their simulation needs.

In this  lunch and learn, Rodney Mach CEO and Founder at TotalCAE will discuss how clients are using TotalCAE platform on AWS to run their CAE workloads to accelerate their product design. During the event TotalCAE will cover:

  1. A live demo that shows how without any IT knowledge,  engineers can submit, monitor, manage, and control their CAE simulations on AWS so they can focus on engineering, and not IT. 
  2. Recommendations for HPC instances for various CAE applications will be discussed, as well as how TotalCAE overcomes common challenges clients face when migrating workloads to the cloud, or trying to manage a hybrid environment.
  3. Options for data orchestration from on-prem to cloud.
  4. Options for accessing CAE licenses.
  5. How to estimate the cost of your CAE jobs on AWS in your subscription.
  6. How TotalCAE enables you to track and manage your simulation job cost across users, projects, and business units to optimize your simulation budget.
  7. AWS will present an overview of AWS HPC services and new generation of HPC optimized Amazon EC2 instances
  8. Lunch will be served.

Who Should Attend:

Engineers running CAE simulation applications such as Abaqus, STAR-CCM+, Ansys, COMSOL, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, CONVERGE,  or other CAE simulation software applications.

CAE Engineering managers looking for ways to reduce run times and get the best price performance for their cloud simulations.

IT staff looking at ways to help their engineering clients adopt HPC cloud for engineering simulation in their AWS subscription.