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Introducing TotalCAE Self Service Cloud for Engineers

TotalCAE has offered several  full-service cloud products  for many years including our private cloud, public cloud, and now self service cloud. This post will discuss briefly the difference in these options,  and the benefits of our Self Service Cloud offering.

TotalCAE Private Cloud

TotalCAE Private Cloud is a HPC cluster for FEA/CFD  that lives in your data center and is completely managed by TotalCAE staff  (remotely or onsite).

TotalCAE Public Cloud

TotalCAE Public Cloud is a complete public cloud on-demand solution that uses the same easy to use TotalCAE web portal interface as our Private Cloud,  and is also completely managed for our customers by TotalCAE professionals.

TotalCAE Self Service Cloud on Azure

Our new “TotalCAE Self Service” cloud offering meets the needs of customers who can’t use the full service TotalCAE cloud offering, but need a turnkey way to create a public cloud for their users that is under their control.

Our solution enables customers to have a turnkey self-service approach that leverages their existing enterprise Azure accounts to give them complete control over the environment.

How to get started with TotalCAE Self Service Cloud

To use our self-service cloud, you just obtain a license key from TotalCAE, go to the TotalCAE Self Service Cloud  and click “Deploy TotalCAE”.

After answering a few questions about the number of machines, and application you want to deploy, your HPC Cluster on the cloud will be pre-built into your Azure subscription. At completion you will be presented with a login page like below to start running jobs:

TotalCAE Self Service Cloud
TotalCAE Self Service Cloud – Example with STAR-CCM+

TotalCAE self-service cloud is the easiest way for our customers to deploy their own turn-key public cloud system. To learn more about our system check out our TotalCAE Self Service Cloud webpage, video and whitepaper.