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TotalCAE Infinite HPC Cluster Appliance for

TotalCAE Infinite: HPC Cluster Appliance and Public Cloud On-demand for LS-DYNA

The TotalCAE HPC Cluster Appliance for LS-DYNA is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for speeding up LS-DYNA that is managed by TotalCAE in your data center.

We wheel in the TotalCAE HPC cluster, plug it in, and you’re ready-to-go within 30 minutes. TotalCAE ensures LS-DYNA runs in a best practice HPC configuration for peak performance.

The TotalCAE HPC Cluster Appliance eliminates the need to know Linux or complicated batch scheduler commands, all interaction with the appliance is through a simple web browser. For power engineers, the full power of the command line is available for users that want it.

TotalCAE completely manages the HPC appliance, LS-DYNA software, LSTC license manager, and any other engineering applications around-the-clock, and becomes your trusted CAE IT partner in keeping the HPC solution a reliable and productive tool for your engineers to count on.

If you need to access LS-DYNA on-demand TotalCAE will completely manage the TotalCAE public cloud for you for on-demand in your AWS or Azure subscription with the identical interface and service, providing you extra horsepower beyond your workstation or on-prem when you need it.

TotalCAE installs, updates, and integrates and the entire 3rd party LS-DYNA ecosystem including tools like PolyUMod for LS-DYNA, FEMZIP, Oasys REPORTER, Humanetics, and other Ansys tools like LS-OPT and LS-PrePost. One IT vendor upkeep all your tools on-prem and in the cloud.

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