Free TotalCAE HPC Performance Benchmark Program

Move to a HPC cluster managed by TotalCAE

Are you looking to take your simulation run time from days to hours, or hours to minutes? TotalCAE has partnered with Intel to offer a free performance benchmark program that will enable you to see the advantage of moving from a workstation environment, to a HPC cluster managed by TotalCAE.

Once you provide us with your model, you will receive a time comparison from the HPC solution to your current workstation runtime.

TotalCAE will provide a no-obligation quote for a TotalCAE Managed HPC solution that TotalCAE will manage for you in your data center. The TotalCAE HPC appliance makes it easy to submit simulations to the HPC system in a few clicks, and is completely managed by TotalCAE, so you can focus on your engineering, and not IT.

To get started, just fill out this form below and we will contact you with the information to take advantage of this free program: