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TotalCAE HPC Cluster Appliance for CONVERGE Turn-key HPC Appliance

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Easy to Use HPC Appliance Managed by TotalCAE.

The TotalCAE HPC Cluster Appliance for CONVERGE is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for speeding up CONVERGE. TotalCAE integrates all of your engineering applications before installation. We wheel it in, plug it in, and you’re ready-to-go within 30 minutes. TotalCAE ensures CONVERGE runs in a best practice HPC configuration for peak performance.

The TotalCAE HPC Cluster Appliance eliminates the need to know Linux or complicated batch scheduler commands, all interaction with the appliance is through a simple web browser. For power engineers, the full power of the command line is available for users that want it.

“Thanks to TotalCAE's private and public cloud solutions, CONVERGE users can take advantage of high performance computing to efficiently run high fidelity simulations and thus maximize the value that our CFD software provides to their engineering team."

– Daniel Lee, Ph.D., Vice President and Co-Owner, Convergent Science

TotalCAE will customize the appliance for any size organization—small departments to centralized enterprise clusters. TotalCAE completely manages the HPC appliance and all engineering applications around-the-clock with our TotalCAE Private Cloud offering.

Watch Video to see the TotalCAE HPC appliance in action Watch Video to Learn how Isuzu used the TotalCAE HPC Appliance to achieve their high performance goals
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