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AI Machine Learning and Big Data

Jump-start your AI or Big Data Initiatives

TotalCAE AI enables “AI as a Service” to jump-start your AI or Big Data initiatives with a simple to use and operate AI/ML/DL cluster in your data center or cloud, completely managed by TotalCAE.

Our AI solution gives you flexibility to scale applications, compute, and storage separately on a reliable production environment that is flexible and manageable, without all of the complexity.

"TotalCAE made it simple for our team to get jumpstarted with PySpark, Jupyter and HDFS storage enabling our team to focus on our analysis and not on IT"

Tier-1 Auto Supplier Lead Data Scientist

AI Machine Learning and Big Data Features

Specialized Expertise

Easy to Use

Deploy new ML/DL software such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Jupyter notebooks in minutes.

Reduce Runtimes


Leverage popular AI/ML/DL container repositories , or your own repository managed by TotalCAE.

Cost Effective


The AI cluster is proactively managed around the clock with TotalCAE tools monitoring hundreds of potential issues, automatically fixing them when possible.

Global Support

White Glove Support

Phone, call, or email our IT professionals for support on running your AI/ML workloads.

Keep Up To Date

Money Saving Features

Enable multiple groups to share infrastructure without having to build separate clusters for each group.

BYOC Solutions


Users have full control of their environment, without requiring superuser access.

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Reducing Barriers to Adopting AI Machine Learning and Big Data

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