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TotalCAE Portal Easily Submit Jobs in Two Clicks and Manage HPC Workloads

The TotalCAE Portal allows engineers to submit jobs to high performance computing (HPC) clusters with just two clicks—just select your model and push the button to solve! The easy to use graphical interface (GUI) lets you submit a job, monitor progress, and evaluate the results.

More than forty solvers are pre-integrated out-of-the-box with solver best practices. View our list of supported engineering applications. If you don't see your solver listed, we can easily integrate it for you.

With the TotalCAE Portal, you don’t have to worry about managing licenses. Solvers won't run unless there is licensing available and the TotalCAE Portal automatically calculates license requirements for you. Jobs will stay in the queue until they are able to obtain a license to run.

Additional Features

Monitoring of Nodes

Solver Specific Extensions

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